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May 14 2018

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Tiffany Haddish photographed by Ethan James Green for W Magazine Vol.3

May 11 2018

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Bruny 149 built by @maguiredevine

The design of the Bruny Island cabin responds to our client’s desire for a retreat, a place of renewal where she can escape the high stress of her busy work life and engage in simple pleasures of reading, playing violin, star gazing. The cabin creates a well-equipped shelter, allowing her to spend time on her beloved 99 acres of land.

Born in Taiwan, she spent her childhood in traditional Japanese houses (built during occupation). Out of this grew a love for highly crafted minimalist design. Our brief was to capture that and design a building as a piece of furniture with everything she needs built in. The only furniture allowed was a low table and mattress on the sleeping loft.

The site is completely off-grid, and as such the cabin collects its own rainwater, is powered by photovoltaics and heated by a woodfire oven, while gas provides hot water and cooktop cooking.  

The external materials comply with the Bushfire Attack Level of 19. A
bath is positioned in the afternoon deck below removable decking panels. The bathroom has a secret door onto the North deck for the experience of showering (almost) outside.

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Hurricanes are a frequent and potentially deadly occurrence for many parts of the world. Although forecasting models have improved, there is still a lot about the physics of these storms that we don’t fully understand, in part because getting direct measurements from the real thing is so difficult and hazardous. Researchers at the University of Miami have instead built their own hurricane generator, capable of sustained 200 mph winds – strong enough to create Category 5 hurricane conditions. In this facility, they can study details of the storm up close, allowing them to distinguish effects from the scale of large waves down to the physics of the sea spray. Learn more and see the facility in action in the Science Friday video below. (Video credit: L. Groskin/Science Friday; image credits: L. Groskin/Science Friday, University of Miami, SUSTAIN Lab; submitted by Guillaume D.)

May 02 2018

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April 29 2018

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Traci being cute (at Northampton, Massachusetts)


How Heroes Handle Nazis



Punching Nazis Totally Works - Everyone who grew up in the hardcore/punk scene in the 1980s and 1990s knows it

“The recent discussions of political violence, particularly as it relates to punching neo-Nazis, tend to center on ethical concerns and skepticism over whether or not it’s an effective tactic.

I’m not going to attempt to address the ethical question. There are reasonable arguments for both nonviolence and the use of force.

But I will say this  -  punching Nazis is absolutely an effective tactic. In fact, it’s been proved time and time again to be the most effective means of simply communicating with Nazis.”

April 28 2018

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Movie bound. #infinitywar (at Hadley, Massachusetts)

April 26 2018

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Purple Fluorite on Green Fluorite - China

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Fluorite on Quartz - Berbes Mining Area, Asturias, Spain

April 25 2018

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Janelle Monáe photographed by JUCO for “Dirty Computer"


April 15 2018


It’s either h,b,o,g,o or hobogo. You have to choose one you can’t have it both ways. #hbogo

April 14 2018

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Lobster looks (at Brown’s Lobster Pound)

April 13 2018

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Dutch Boats in a Gale, 1801, William Turner

Size: 221x163 cm
Medium: oil, canvas

IBM lab designs molecule to kill drug-resistant superbugs


But the threat turned personal after he had routine knee surgery. Sudden excruciating pain signaled infection, demanding emergency hospitalization. Hedrick was lucky: the medications worked, the infection cleared and he went home eight days later.

Hedrick’s close call inspired his research team to design a new molecule, called a polymer, that targets five deadly types of drug-resistant microbes and kills them like ninja assassins. Their research, a collaboration with Singapore’s Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, was reported recently in the journal Nature Communications.

If commercialized, the polymer could boost the fight against “superbugs” that can fend off every antibiotic that doctors throw at them. An estimated 700,000 people worldwide die every year from these untreatable infections.

More information: Willy Chin et al. A macromolecular approach to eradicate multidrug resistant bacterial infections while mitigating drug resistance onset, Nature Communications (2018). DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-03325-6

Gram-stained P. aeruginosa bacteria (pink-red rods) Credit: Wikipedia

April 11 2018


April 09 2018

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